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Shenzhen Jimei Mold technology Co.,Ltd. is one of Shenzhen Machinery Association member and governing units and established in year 2004 with 30 million RMB registered capitals,which mainly devoted in injection mold,design and manufacturing.We own the factory covers more than 20000 square meters.

Jimei has high precision vertical, CNC machine, Horizontal CNC machine, gantry machining-center, Double-end EDM Machine, Injection Machine, Die spotting Machine,Wire-Cutting Machine. Digital Control Lathe,Numeric Control Milling Machine,High Precision Grinding Machine and other equipment, besides we have CMM 3D inspection machine,Project machine and other accurate inspection device. In order to let our company integrated with world we build a team consist of experienced engineer which could satisfy any demand you required and got good reputation from Southeast Asia,Europe,and other markets.




Injection Molding

Injection moulding is the most cost-effective way to make a plastic part at scale and offers consistent quality for low-to-high volume manufacturing. jimei offers a vast number of rigid plastics and resins that meet required structural and cosmetic characteristics. Beyond materials, injection moulded parts can have custom finishing, polishes, or surface textures. jiemi offers both high-precision tool manufacturing and injection moulding services.

Hardware parts processing

hardware processing is a production process that requires very high precision for spare parts. In the process of processing and producing precision hardware, the precision must be strictly controlled to ensure qualified hardware. Mainly precision plastic hardware, precision stamping hardware, precision turning hardware, etc.Used in auto parts, household appliances, medical equipment, etc.

Plastic parts processing

Plastic molding refers to the process of making final plastic products from polymers manufactured by synthetic resin manufacturers. Processing methods (commonly referred to as primary processing of plastics) include compression molding (compression molding), extrusion molding (extrusion molding), injection molding (injection molding), blow molding (hollow molding), calendering, etc.

Why Choose Jimei?

We make your parts to your specifications, we won’t put you in a box of manufacturing constraints, and we’re definitely not a broker who will send out your parts to other companies. We’re driven to provide a DIFFERENTIATED customer experience with speed, urgency & agility.

Case Study //

Real Customers. Real Results.

A customer came to Jimei with a complex project that spanned the technologies and processes of rapid production—and needed it done fast. Jimei delivered.

Hybridized Services Used //



Craft Kits,Collage Craft Materials, Painting, Art Easels Drying Racks,Paper, Crayons Colored Pencils, Stamps Markers,,Dough Modeling Materials,Glue, Tape Adhesives, Scissors Punches,


Jewelry, Consumer Electronics,
Entertainment Props and Set Pieces, Sporting Goods, Fashion Accessories, Packaging Prototypes, Gaming products


Ductwork, Custom interiors,
Aftermarket and reverse-engineered parts,
Large, complex paneling, Grilles,
Assembly Jigs & Fixtures,


Air filter boxes, Bezels, Brackets, Custom cosmetic interior components, Display shrouds, Environmental control system ducting, Fuel tanks, Housings and enclosures, Oil tanks


Fluid/water flow analysis, Turbo machinery, Jigs and fixtures, Rotors, Stators, Mud motor modules, Flow meter parts, Pressure gauge pieces, Turbine nozzles, Control-valve components


Anatomical and pre-surgery models, Surgical guides, Surgical tools, Scientific instrumentation, Medical carts, Electronic housings,
Handheld devices, infuision pumps

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